MarketInvoice Roslyn Pack 0.1 released

Innovation Mondays at MarketInvoice

At MarketInvoice we run "Innovation Mondays" on the first Monday of every Sprint (at the time of writing this post we are running two week sprints). It's an opportunity for the Engineering team to hack on new ideas and projects, explore new technologies and learn new things either in groups or individually. We discuss our achievements, prototypes and findings in our weekly two hour Wednesday lunch. We use this lunch to also have lunch and learn sessions (we recently had an F# and Akka.Net one), have an open discussion about our technology stack, processes,...

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FluentMigrator Part 2/3: Continuous Integration and Testing with database migrations

In this series

Having created and ran our first database migration - in this post we are going to cover the following scenario:

The Plan

We want to be able to...

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FluentMigrator Part 1/3: Creating and running our first database migration

In this series

In this post we are going to cover:

What is FluentMigrator

FluentMigrator is a migration framework for .NET much like Ruby on Rails Migrations. Migrations are a structured way to alter your database schema and are an alternative to...

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Using, configuring and distributing Roslyn analysers in teams

What are the Roslyn analysers?

As you should already know Roslyn is the name of new C# 6.0 (and Visual Basic) compiler, written entirely in C# (and VB for the VB one). The old compiler was written in C++ and this is a complete re-implementation. You can find Roslyn's source code on GitHub.

However Roslyn is not just a compiler. It's also and SDK (".Net Compiler Platform") which exposes the compiler as a service. Tools (such as Visual Studio, ReSharper, CodeRush, LinqPad) can directly hook into the syntax tree information exposed by the compiler to achieve various jobs...

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Use a PIN code instead of password on your Surface Pro (or other Windows touch device)

Here are step instruction on how to replace the Windows login password prompt with a PIN code, especially on those yummy new Windows tablets (I am looking at you Surface Pro 3):

2014-11-21_21-32-422014-11-21_21-33-38  2014-11-21_21-33-582014-11-21_21-34-33



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