Machine.Specifications.Runner.VisualStudio 2.0.0-rc1 is out with many improvements

This is a significant update to the Test Adapter with substantial improvements on which I have been working over the past weeks.

Get it here:

MSpec (Machine.Specifications) Visual Studio Adapter 1.7.0 released

In the last 2 weeks or so, I have given a helping hand to Jonathan Wilkins with the MSpec Visual Studio adapter project. My initial main focus was to get the adapter nuget ready, so that it can be used in Visual Studio Online (now Team Services) seamlessly. I have also set-up a CI environment in AppVeyor.

If the udpated Visual Studio extensions is not live yet at the time you read this blog post - you can grab it from the GitHub release:

Release notes below. If you are curious what is potentially cooking in the next...

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CorrelatorSharp: Your one stop shop for context-aware logging and diagnostics

In the world of microservices and distributed systems it is very important to relate logging and diagnostic information of multiple services in the context of an operation to quickly diagnose issues.

What is CorrelatorSharp?

CorrelatorSharp is a .NET library that enables context-aware logging and correlation with no code changes or minimal such.

CorrelatorSharp is async/await aware and the current activity flows across tasks and threads automatically.

CorrelatorSharp supports out of the box (at the time of writing this post):

Support for the following is...

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MarketInvoice Roslyn Pack 0.1 released

Innovation Mondays at MarketInvoice

At MarketInvoice we run “Innovation Mondays” on the first Monday of every Sprint (at the time of writing this post we are running two week sprints). It’s an opportunity for the Engineering team to hack on new ideas and projects, explore new technologies and learn new things either in groups or individually. We discuss our achievements, prototypes and findings in our weekly two hour Wednesday lunch. We use this lunch to also have lunch and learn sessions (we recently had an F# and Akka.Net one), have an open discussion about our technology stack, processes,...

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FluentMigrator Part 2/3: Continuous Integration and Testing with database migrations

In this series

Having created and ran our first database migration - in this post we are going to cover the following scenario:

The Plan

We want to be able to...

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