Use a PIN code instead of password on your Surface Pro (or other Windows touch device)

Here are step instruction on how to replace the Windows login password prompt with a PIN code, especially on those yummy new Windows tablets (I am looking at you Surface Pro 3):       

MSpec TeamCity Parallel Runner – NuGet package change

Two quick updates: The mspec parallel test runner for TeamCity nuget package is now located at: This change was required in order to start following the MSpec version numbers and package naming convention. The package version as of this moment is 0.9.0, …

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Announcing an MSpec Parallel Test Runner for TeamCity (mspec-teamcity-prunner)

MSpec is absolutely great – no argument about it. I am using it exclusively in a current project to specify and test top to bottom. However one thing that has been bugging me for a long time is the inability to run tests in parallel on …

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Traktor Pro .tsi file format reverse-engineered – docs on GitHub

I’ve reverse-engineered the .tsi binary file format specification, which Traktor Pro by Native Instruments uses to store its Controller Mappings. I am hoping this should open the gates to new power tooling for MIDI controller mapping power tools (Traktor’s own …

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Guide for migrating an ASP.NET MVC Solution to .NET 4.5 and ASP.NET MVC 4

You can find a very handy step by step guide for migrating to ASP.NET MVC 4 here . It might seem a bit long, but actually with a few multi-file search and replace and some regex you can do it pretty …

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Windows 8 Code Weekend: 8-9th September in London – dev4good

TheGivingLab.Org We’re running a second dev4good event in collaboration with and Givey this year to bring together talented thinkers, designers and coders from around the UK to work on some real-world issues faced by UK charities. The technology theme …

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Heads up on a hidden breaking change in ASP.NET MVC 4

If you, like me, are using an Editor Template for DateTime and use the DataTypeAttribute with either or DataType.Date and DataType.DateTime in ASP.NET MVC 2 or 3 and happen to upgrade to ASP.NET MVC 4 be aware! ASP.NET MVC 4 …

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Disable archive instead of delete mail in Gmail on iPhone/iPad

For a long time the default and very painful behaviour between the integration of iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) and Gmail’s Exchange support (required for push email) has been that whenever you delete an email it will actually archive it instead (put …

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dev4good – Developing for a Better World

Last weekend (2-3 July) I attended the first ever dev4good – a charity hackathon where developers try to solve charity problems in a weekend. It took place in Hammersmith, London in a amazing venue on the riverside: Three charities came …

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Featured on the home page of ASP.NET

Really exciting for me is that a few days ago my series on Editing Variable Length Reorderable Collections in ASP.NET MVC got featured on the home page of the ASP.NET web site. I just wanted to say thank you to …

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