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  1. Download and install a recent Mono from http://mono-project.com/Downloads. Install it in C:\mono (instead of C:\Program Files\Mono) in order to avoid problems with whitespace in path during build). This mono will be used to compile mono from source. It will also provide a set of other native libraries required for the build.
  2. Install Cygwin (I would recommend in C:\cygwin to same problems mentioned above) with the following packages in addition to the default ones: autoconf automake bison gcc-mingw gcc-mingw-g++ libtool pkg-config subversion make

  3. Downgrade *make *because version 3.81 installed by Cygwin introduces a bug which causes the mono build to fail. Replace *C:\cygwin\bin\make.exe *with the one from here: make 3.80
  4. Prepare the build environment by setting the paths so that all the dependancy libs and scripts will be used from the official setup. export MONO_LOCATION=/cygdrive/c/mono export PATH=${PATH}:${MONO_LOCATION}/bin export ACLOCAL_FLAGS=”-I ${MONO_LOCATION}/share/aclocal” export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=${PKG_CONFIG_PATH}:${MONO_LOCATION}/lib/pkgconfig mkdir -p /mono/svn mkdir /mono/build

  5. Checkout Mono’s source from svn and compile. cd /mono/svn svn co svn://anonsvn.mono-project.com/source/trunk/mono svn co svn://anonsvn.mono-project.com/source/trunk/mcs cd mono ./autogen.sh –prefix=/mono/build make make install

  6. Copy the freshly compiled files from C:\cygwin\mono\build *to *C:\mono and replace all existing. DONE!
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