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  • Today I accidentaly MSDN searched for Win32SetClipboardData (our P/Invoke method name in Mono WinForms) instead of SetClipboardData and guess what… I ended up with 5 Mono results in front of me. I found it amusing considering the fact that this was MSDN Search after all. A screenshot in case they “fix” it. (Click bottom-left “Full Size” after the pop-up shows)

MSDN Search shows Mono results

  • You might think I have a lot of tabs opened in Firefox, but I should mention that I closed twice more prior to taking the screenshot. BTW, thank you, Tab Mix Plus guys, for the multi-line tab bar.
  • Holy cow! GNOME’s Nautilus with tabs (still looks butt ugly, but oh well)…
  • Fixed my last Mono WinForms regression caused by my recent parented forms fixes.
  • Have been poking Mono WinForms Clipboard code all day trying to get my head around it and see how it would be best to implement custom formats support. On X11 I can implement that reasonably “easy” with some minor XPlatUI API change and some extra cases to binary serialize/deserialize the clipboard, which will surely involve some trickery. For Win32 the one important question, which probably Jonathan Chambers can answer best (he worked/works on our COM support), is whether we support MS COM. It seems when Win32 DnD support was written that wasn’t the case, so if you want to see some impressive code that does COM without actually doing COM (yes, you heard me) take a look at our Win32DnD.cs.
  • I felt loved today. Last week I received a Mono T-Shirt and stuffed mono monkey (thanks Jonathan), an openSUSE 11 box (thanks openSUSE guys for valuing my quite small contribution of filing bugs) and today I almost got another UPS package. I am saying almost, because I missed the delivery. I am wondering what’s it going to be. I haven’t ordered anything and I have a very pure guess that it might be an openSUSE T-Shirt. Can’t wait to see what it is and then make a photo session of all my new stuff, hehe.
  • I promised my girlfriend I will be running with her tomorrow bright and early morning. Holy spaghetti monster, please help me.
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