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During my trip to Dubrovnik last week whilst checking in on Foursquare an idea struck me – can’t I use the Foursquare checkin history and checkin comments to document the places I visit and also my route. This is how Triply was born after a two day hackathon.

In a single sentence Triply lets you quickly create and share your trips, experiences and days out in three simple steps using your existing Foursquare checkins.

You pick a name and description for the trip/day out/experience:

You then pick start/end dates to load the Foursquare Checkins

You then organize (reorder and remove) the checkins and that’s it!

Notice the funky AJAX drag and drop goodness:

Once saved you get a trip page like the one below, where others can see the route, places and your comments and ask questions, etc.


Triply is ASP.NET MVC 3 and Entity Framework with an SQL Express server at the backend right now. It’s basically version 0.1 “Get it out there” release without even a proper web design, because I am intrigued to hear what people think about the idea.

I have personally have many things in mind that can be added in the future such as:

  • A Web design, yo know.
  • Have an indicator of the type of place was visited (museum, gallery, beach, etc)
  • Allow to get info about a place quickly such as wikipedia entry for historical places and hotel rating/reviews for hotels.
  • Facebook Places/Checkins support
  • Maybe go down the “trip diary” route as well with auto-mapped/auto-linked photos to places and mobile apps.
  • Maybe go down the “share a fun experience to do” route (e.g. go to this pub, then to this museum, then to that other fun place to spend a great day).
  • and more – basically I feel like this has potential.

… but it’s just me, so if someone is enthusiastic about the idea and is familiar with the Microsoft technology stack I would be more than happy to team up. You never know some day we might be able to afford to buy the .com or even .ly domain :)

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